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The purpose of the ICCBBA Technical Advisory Group for Information Technology (TAG-IT) is to:

• Advise on new developments on information technology and the impact on the ongoing development of the ISBT 128 Information Standard.

• Generate, review, and comment upon proposed changes to the ISBT 128 Information Standard and supporting documents.

• Provide a focus for the standardization of data capture and transfer.

• Receive reports on the progress of ISBT 128 implementation and consider any issues raised by these reports.

• Provide advice and support to facilities introducing the ISBT 128 Information Standard.

• Prepare educational material and tools to support the implementation of ISBT 128.

Summary of Recent Activity

The TAG-IT reviewed proposal 19-002 for a new data structure that would capture product information about constituent elements. This new data structure will allow users to encode the Product Description Codes (PDCs) of the constituent elements of a final product. This is particularly needed for regenerative medicine products (e.g., regenerated trachea) where various constituent elements such as cells and scaffolds are combined and some of them might already be identified by a PDC. In these cases, in addition to knowing the product description of the final product, end-users need to know the greater detail provided by the PDC of the individual elements.

TAG-IT is also working on defining standardized XML segments that can be incorporated into XML messages. This would allow users to specify the data content for an MPHO information transfer that can be used in a variety of message scenarios.

Meeting Info

No face-to-face meetings are currently scheduled for TAG-IT.

TAG Members


• Wayne Bolton


• N/A

Technical Experts

• Kwame Adu-Poku
• Joshua Geary
• Jørgen Georgsen
• Donald Gironne
• Carl Greiner
• Linda Lodge
• David Mason-Hawes


• N/A


• N/A

ICCBBA Staff Liaison

• Erwin Cabana

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