The Americas Technical Advisory Group (ATAG) was established in 1994. Its purpose is to advise ICCBBA on the needs of users in the Americas. 

The ATAG membership is drawn from experts and representatives in the field of transfusion medicine working in the Americas in facilities that are licensed with ICCBBA.

In addition to voting members, liaisons attend ATAG meetings. Liaisons are from regulatory authorities and organizations with an interest in the ISBT 128 Standard.

Vendors and others interested in the work of the group may attend meetings as observers at the discretion of the chairperson.


Recent concerns with inconsistency in ICCBBA, ISO Standard, and Eurobloodpack base label specifications called for discussion to update ICCBBA specifications to fall within the specifications of the other standards.

Labeling of cellular therapy products in clinical trials were also discussed, as labeling of such products is currently not standardized.

There is a new GRID Data Structure [039] to replace the old GRID Data Structure [037] due to the need for an encoded check character value.

A new proposal was recently approved to amend the Product Divisions Data Structure [032] to accommodate aliquots, containers from a collection that requires multiple containers, and a single collection into a single container.

The Vendor meeting discussed the items mentioned above and the possible need to move onto "F" codes for blood products sooner than 3-5 years. The move to "F" codes may happen sooner due to the new attributes for extended dating platelets.


Representatives & Technical Experts

  • Butch, Suzanne – Chair

  • Alexander, Chester

  • Beaton, Maureen

  • Gironne, Donald

  • Lefresne, Wanda

  • Locher, Maria

  • Morris, Robin

  • Olivio, Cindy

  • Sharpe, Susan

  • VanStedum, Carrie

  • Vantu, Quynh


  • Agbanyo, Francisca

  • Peoples, Barbara


  • Berry, Travis

  • Browne, Geoff

  • Bruch, Isaac

  • Burgos, Virginia

  • Campbell, Troy

  • Cetinkaya, Sukru

  • Charbonneau, Manon

  • Curtis, Andrea

  • Davis, Ashley

  • De La Mora López, Edgar

  • Ditmars, Christi

  • Dragoo, Jeff

  • Fahie, Roland

  • Forbis, Brian

  • Gerhard, Kevin

  • Gorowsky, John

  • Gustafson, Garrett

  • Hanske, Helmut

  • Heiman, Brenda

  • Herzberg, Mark

  • Hoppe, Ann

  • Kingsbury, Tracy

  • Kirimli, Kent

  • Kirkpatrick, Brian

  • Kling, John

  • Kriozere, Richard

  • Larson, Christie

  • Lied, Carolina

  • Lyons, Peggy

  • Macias, Elaine

  • Marchlewicz, Ben

  • McGann, Isabel

  • Mendes, Patrick

  • Niston, Peggy

  • Passebon, Sophie

  • Pereda, Pedro

  • Polnicky, Gilles

  • Prater, Ryan

  • Pratt, Heather

  • Rowland, Neal

  • Sajot, Stéphane

  • Sandvik, Leif

  • Sapp, Laurie

  • Senter, Marsha

  • Simmons, Suzanne

  • Waurzyniak, Daniel

  • Weaver, Renae

  • Weiner, Elan

  • Wray, Bruce

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