Americas Technical Advisory Group


The Americas Technical Advisory Group (ATAG) was established in 1994. Its purpose is to advise ICCBBA on the needs of users in the Americas. 

The ATAG membership is drawn from experts and representatives in the field of transfusion medicine working in the Americas in facilities that are licensed with ICCBBA.

In addition to voting members, liaisons attend ATAG meetings. Liaisons are from regulatory authorities and organizations with an interest in the ISBT 128 Standard.

Vendors and others interested in the work of the group may attend meetings as observers at the discretion of the chairperson.



ATAG will have its face-to-face meeting at the Rosen Plaza in Orlando, FL on September 30, 2022. 


Suzanne Butch will conclude her term as Chair of ATAG at the end of 2022. ICCBBA is soliciting nominations for the next ATAG chair.


The IG-002 subcommittee addressed the public comments received for the draft IG-002 United States Industry Consensus Standard for the Uniform Labeling of Blood and Blood Components Using ISBT 128 v4.0.0 document. The document is scheduled to be published before the end of the year.


The group may be considering how it can contribute to a larger external project on developing standardized inventory status codes and uniform definitions to support traceability and hemovigilance, and the role in which the ISBT 128 Standard could play in establishing it. Industry user input is needed to determine what information or status codes need to be tracked. 


ICCBBA has published the following electronic messaging documents: ST-020 – ISBT 128 Standard for XML Electronic Messaging; ST-026 – ISBT 128 Standard for the Medical Products of Human Origin (MPHO) Unique Identifier; ST-027 – ISBT 128 Dictionary of Standard Data Elements; IG-048 – Implementation Guide: MPHO Unique Identifier.


ATAG plans to meet on a quarterly basis and engage its members on a more frequent basis.


ICCBBA is incorporating the use of Loomio to facilitate asynchronous TAG discussions.



  • Suzanne Butch


  • Chester Alexander - Department of Defense

  • Donald Gironne -

  • Wanda Lefresne - Canadian Blood Services

  • Maria Locher - American Red Cross

  • Lucinda Olivio - America's Blood Centers

  • Mary Plut - America's Blood Centers (Alt.)

  • Jessica Poisson - AABB IS Committee

  • Carrie Van Stedum - Veterans Affairs Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Technical Experts

  • Kathleen Hopping

  • Robin Wilkinson


  • Francisca Agbanyo - Health Canada

  • Barbara Peoples - U.S. Food and Drug Administration

  • Patricia Weddington - U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Alt.)


  • Travis Berry

  • Geoff Browne

  • Troy Campbell

  • Tina Chanez

  • Ashley Davis

  • Jeff Dragoo

  • John Gorowsky

  • Helmut Hanske

  • Brenda Heiman

  • Kimberly Jimenez  

  • Nancy Luckemeyer

  • Kent Kirimli

  • Brian Kirkpatrick

  • John Kling

  • Carolina Lied Sanabia

  • Gilles Polnicky

  • Neal Rowland

  • Stephane Sajot

  • Susan Tibedo

  • Renae Weaver

  • Leif Sandvik

  • Laurie Sapp

  • Marsha Senter

  • Tiffiney Teo

  • Daniel Waurzyniak

  • Elan Weiner

  • Bruce Wray

ICCBBA Staff Liaison

  • Erwin Cabana