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Thank you for your interest in implementing ISBT 128. ICCBBA licensees are permitted to make use of the ISBT 128 Standard according to their type of license. To view the Grant of License for registration, click here.

There are three steps to registering to become an ICCBBA Licensee:

(1.) Download the ISBT 128 Registration Form. 

Download the Registration Form by clicking the button below. Vendors should use a separate Vendor Registration Form, also found below. The file will be in a PDF format, and to view the PDF document in your browser or on your desktop, you may need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

(2.) Complete the ISBT 128 Registration Form.

All applicants should complete Part A of the form. Facilities requiring allocation of one or more Facility Identification Numbers (FINs) should complete one copy of Part B for each FIN required.

(3.) Mail, Fax, or Email the ISBT 128 Registration Form & Payment.

Submit the form together with the required payment (if paying by check) by mail to:

P.O. Box 11309
San Bernardino, CA 92423-1309

If paying by credit card, please visit our payment page hereWe accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards ONLY. American Express is not accepted.

You may also fax the form (+1 909 793 6214) and payment info, or scan and email both to the ICCBBA office.

Vendors: Upon completion of the registration process, the first year's annual licensing fee becomes due and will be invoiced.

Please note: It is currently taking two to four weeks to process registration forms. You will receive notification from ICCBBA via a welcome email that is sent to the facility once the registration form has been processed. If it has been longer than four weeks, please contact our office so we can research the delay. Thank you for your patience and good luck with the implementation of ISBT 128!

For questions about any registration requirement or assistance with the registration form, please contact ICCBBA by email or by phone at +1 909 793 6516.

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