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International Tissue Technical Advisory Group


The International Tissue Technical Advisory Group (ITTAG) was established in 2017. ITTAG focuses on tissues, apart from ocular tissues, across all regions. It provides direction and support to the activities of the European Tissue Technical Advisory Group (ETTAG) and the North American Tissue Technical Advisory Group (NATTAG).

The Membership comprises Technical Experts in human tissues and Representatives appointed by organizations involved in tissue banking.

In addition to members, liaisons attend meetings. Liaisons are from regulatory authorities or other groups interested in ISBT 128.

Other persons interested in the work of the ITTAG may attend meetings as observers at the discretion of the chairperson.


Stefan Poniatowski concluded his term as Chair of the International Tissue Technical Advisory Group (ITTAG). Izabela Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz was appointed as the new Chair.


The ITTAG agreed to issue the new Class, ARTERY, COMMON ILIAC WITH BRANCH, with the definition, “All or part of the common iliac, the bifurcation, and all or part of its branches.” ICCBBA will publish this new Class in the November release of the PDC Database.


The committee began discussions on the need for a mechanism to associate all recovered tissue and organs from the same donation to ensure timely tracking and containment of tissue and organs released to organizations to prevent any adverse event. ICCBBA will also review this topic with the North America Tissue Technical Advisory Group (NATTAG).


The committee members reviewed the ITTAG Terms of Reference. ICCBBA will report the committee’s recommendations to the Standards Committee at the meeting on November 18.


ICCBBA will soon implement the use of Loomio for all Technical Advisory Groups. Loomio is a decision-making software designed to assist groups with collaborative, consensus-focused decision-making processes. To start off, ICCBBA will carry out a trial run with the ITTAG.



  • Izabela Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz

Technical Experts

  • Marisa Herson

  • Jelena Holovati

ICCBBA Staff Liaison

  • Mónica Freire


  • TBD – American Association of Tissue Banks

  • Jinyoung Jeong – Asia Pacific Association of Surgical Tissue Banks

  • Francisco Martínez – Asociación Latinoamericana de Bancos de Tejidos


  • Mark Bevan

  • David Luedecke-Kobiki

  • Clement Glinkowski

  • Cleopatra Ndhlovu

  • Renata Rocha

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