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Through this award ICCBBA will strive to regularly acknowledge professionals who have made an important and significant contribution to the understanding and application of international information standards in transfusion and transplantation medicine through:

  • original research;

  • innovative technical development; and/or

  • influence in the development of policy and regulation


The award recipient will receive full travel support to present an award lecture during a major international transfusion, cellular therapy or transplantation meeting and a prize of US $5000. 


  • Recognized expert in the field of transfusion and/or transplantation information standards,

  • International experience and influence,

  • Identifiable contribution to improving the understanding and application of information standards,

  • Contribution to the field spanning a period in excess of five years, and

  • Willing to travel to the designated annual meeting to give a lecture and receive the award.


The ICCBBA Board of Directors will assess applications against each of these eligibility criteria.


Members of the ICCBBA Board of Directors and staff are not eligible to receive this award whilst serving in these positions, or for a subsequent period of two years.



ICCBBA is the international information standards organization responsible for the ISBT 128 Information Standard. It is a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization. ICCBBA’s mission is enhancing safety for patients by managing and promoting the ISBT 128 Standard for use in transfusion and transplantation.

ICCBBA recognizes that successful implementation of the ISBT 128 Standard requires an underlying organizational infrastructure that is well developed and quality driven. ICCBBA is therefore willing to support initiatives at a national or regional level in resource limited settings that are aimed at developing such an infrastructure, particularly where such initiatives have an impact on information management or traceability. Awards are made from this fund by the ICCBBA Board of Directors and the decisions of the Board are final.

Previous initiatives that have been supported by ICCBBA include: provision of AABB Technical Manuals to blood services throughout Africa; development and implementation of the Stepwise Accreditation Program of the Africa Society for Blood Transfusion; and training of assessors for the Stepwise Accreditation Program.

Funding of up to $20,000 may be awarded. Projects are generally expected to complete within one year.


Application for a financial grant can be made by professional societies or other not-for-profit organizations working in the field of transfusion/transplantation. Applicants will need to be able to demonstrate the organizational infrastructure or quality benefits of the proposed activity; the mechanism for measuring progress; and the project governance structure. Regular progress reports and a final report together with financial accounts demonstrating the use of the grant funds will need to be submitted to ICCBBA for any supported projects.


ICCBBA Grant Application Form* – PDF

Applications may be emailed to


*Some browsers may not support certain PDF features (e.g., attachments, digital signatures, etc.). If you experience issues with such PDF features, please try using a different browser, or access the file directly by saving it to your computer [right-click the hyperlink, and select the save option].

Past Recipients

2017 - Global Healing - A nonprofit organization based in Berkeley, California, USA, selected for its proposal to strengthen the quality management system of the blood bank at the Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) in Haiti.

2020 - Dr. Sardjito Hospital and Safe Blood for Africa - A nonprofit teaching hospital in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and the Safe Blood for Africa Foundation, a nonprofit organization with offices throughout Africa, are the recipients of the 2020 ICCBBA Enterprise Grant for their proposals to improve transfusion safety practices in Indonesia and Cameroon, respectively.

2021 - Safe Blood for Africa - A nonprofit organization with offices throughout Africa, are the recepients of the 2021 ICCBBA Enterprise Grant for their continued improvements to transfusion safety practices in Cameroon.

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