This toolbox contains helpful items to provide guidance in the process of implementing the ISBT 128 standard.

  • What is ISBT 128?
    This provides a brief overview of the information environment and the ISBT 128 Standard. New users who are unfamiliar with ISBT 128 or the elements that contribute to standardization may find this useful.


  • Facility Identification Number Database
    The Facility Identification Number (FIN) Database contains all FINs and information from registered facilities. The database allows users to see where a product was collected or processed.

  • 🔒Product Description Code Database*
    The ISBT 128 Product Description Code Database contains the product description codes for all types of medical products of human origin (e.g., blood components, cellular therapy, tissues, etc.). These codes are used in the ISBT 128 Product Code. Click here for more information about the product code. (Note: you must be a registered user to view this page).


  • ISBT 128 Product Lookup Program
    This program contains all current product description codes and allows users to search across all product types for the codes they need. The program may also be used to look up a code's product description. Instead of looking through the thousands of codes in the ISBT 128 Product Description Code Database, the program makes it easier to search for codes you need.


  • Sample Bar Codes
    Here are some label examples that were provided by ISBT 128 registered and licensed facilities from various places around the world.


  • Audit Tool for Cellular Therapy
    This audit tool may be used for ensuring compliance with the ISBT 128 Standard. It contains interactive and printable checklists that can be used to verify that a facility has successfully implemented ISBT 128.