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Eye Bank Technical Advisory Group


The Eye Bank Technical Advisory Group (EBTAG) consists of representatives of the European Eye Bank Association, Eye Bank Association of America, and Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand. The group began meeting early in 2010 and agreed to the following goals:

  • Create and publish a nomenclature that will be endorsed by the professional groups represented;

  • Review the coding of this terminology within ISBT 128;

  • Agree on standardized labeling;

  • Determine if there is need for a consensus standard for ocular tissue;

  • Determine the mechanism for on-going maintenance of the terminology; and

  • Promote the use of ISBT 128 for ocular tissues.


In 2012, the EBTAG published the first internationally standardized ISBT 128 terminology for ocular tissues and the ISBT 128 Standard Labeling of Ocular Tissue. The group has since continued to maintain and enhance the terminology and standard to support users worldwide and keep up with national requirements and emerging clinical developments.

Joint Statement - PDF



ICCBBA is pleased to announce the appointment of Kristin Mathes as the new Chairperson of the Eye Bank Technical Advisory Group (EBTAG), effective August 21, 2023. We extend a warm welcome to Kristin and express our heartfelt appreciation to Diego Ponzin, former EBTAG Chair, for his excellent leadership and service to the group over the years.


The new ISBT 128 terminology for preloaded ocular tissue for transplant (e.g., DSAEK and DMEK tissue) has been published in the ISBT 128 Standard Terminology for Medical Products of Human Origin, version 7.68. This new terminology includes the new attribute group "Delivery Mechanism" and corresponding attributes "Default" and "Preloaded." These additions aim to enhance standardization in the field of ocular tissue transplantation. For further information, please reach out to us at

Version 1.2.0 of the ISBT 128 Standard Labeling of Ocular Tissue has been released. This document is intended to help facilities and software developers design appropriate ISBT 128 labels for ocular tissue products.


The Boards of EBAA, EBAANZ, EEBA, and ICCBBA have reaffirmed their endorsement of ISBT 128 as the global standard for the terminology, coding, and labeling of human donor ocular tissue and recommend its international adoption in the Second Joint Statement on Terminology, Coding, and Labeling of Human Donor Ocular Tissue. This document is accessible to the public at The Boards of the above organizations encourage other relevant professional bodies, accreditation bodies, regulators, and health authorities to support this ongoing drive for global standardization. Please contact us at if you would like your society to be added to the list of supporting organizations.



  • Kristin Mathes

Technical Experts

  • Patricia Dahl

  • Ken Lotherington

  • Sean Poppoff

  • Jannine Westby 


  • John Kling

  • Pang Chia Li

  • Cristina Mazzacurati

  • David Steiner


  • Jennifer DeMatteo – Eye Bank Association of America

  • Gary L.A. Jones – European Eye Bank Association

  • Luke Weinel – Eye Bank Association of Australia & New Zealand 


  • Brychan Clark – U.S. Food and Drug Administration

  • Izabela Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz – ITTAG

ICCBBA Staff Liaison

  • Mónica Freire

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