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Platelet additive solutions (PASs) have been utilized for many years. However, the variety and frequency of use of PASs continues to grow as research reveals formulations that yield improved platelet survival, decrease the amount of plasma transfused, and in some cases, allow for pathogen inactivation.

There has been no consistent approach to terminology for these additive solutions. The same formulation can have multiple commercial names, and, in some cases, a term may have more than one meaning. 


To ensure unambiguous labeling of products containing platelet additive solutions, ICCBBA has adopted a generic nomenclature (Ashford, Et. all). The nomenclature has the format PAS-X, where X is an alpha character. PASs will be defined in terms of their active ingredients. Therefore, ingredients common to all, such as Sodium Chloride, are not listed. Similarly, Bicarbonate, that is added to some and is a metabolic end product of others, is not listed. The percentage of plasma utilized and the exact amounts of each ingredient in the PAS are also not incorporated into the coding, but may be included as text on the label.

By defining PASs in this generic manner, the system allows:

  • Solutions with the same active ingredients from different commercial sources to be coded in the same manner

  • Ready expansion as new PASs are developed 

  • Standardized, non-proprietary terminology for PASs

  • A common understanding of the ingredients present in a given PAS 

For New PASs and Further information:

Requests for further information or to add additional PAS solutions to the table should be sent to ICCBBA at



Ashford, P. , Gulliksson, H, et al.. Standard Terminology for Platelet Additive Solutions. Vox Sanguinis (2010) 98, 577-578.

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