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Assisted Reproductive Technology Technical Advisory Group


The Assisted Reproductive Technology Technical Advisory Group (ARTTAG) was established in 2016. Its purpose is to advise ICCBBA on the ongoing development of the ISBT 128 Information Standard to support new developments in traceability for assisted reproductive technology (ART) products.

The Membership comprises Technical Experts in ART and Representatives appointed by organizations with an interest in assisted reproductive technology.

In addition to members, liaisons attend meetings. Liaisons are from regulatory authorities or other groups interested in ISBT 128.

Other persons interested in the work of the ARTTAG may attend meetings as observers at the discretion of the chairperson.


  • Kelly Tilleman, PhD, MSc, has been appointed as Chair of ARTTAG.

  • The ARTTAG is very pleased to announce that the new ISBT 128 Standard Labeling of Reproductive Tissue and Cell Products has been published. This document is accessible to the public at This standard is intended to help facilities and software developers design appropriate ISBT 128 labels for reproductive tissue and cell products.



  • Kelly Tilleman

Technical Experts

  • April Batcheller

  • Nina Gelo


  • Amy Sparks – American Society for Reproductive Medicine

  • Agnieszka Nowak – European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology


  • Aleksandra Saniewska-Kilim –Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health, Poland

ICCBBA Staff Liaison

  • Mónica Freire

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