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Vendor Name:

Zebra Technologies Corporation

Contact Name:

Leo Lowy, Product Manager, Firmware

Vendor Address:

333 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL 6061-3109

Zebra Technologies Corporation


Labeling (Blood), Labeling (CT)


Regions not available


An ICCBBA-licensed vendor for ISBT 128 labels, Zebra Technologies is a longstanding leader in helping healthcare organizations protect patient safety and enhance processes.

Zebra supports blood bank labeling needs with advanced bar code printing solutions, blood bag labels, and adhesives that meet ISBT 128 compliance requirements. Utilizing FDA 175.105-compliant adhesives, Zebra's 8000T Primary Blood Bag Label can be applied directly to the blood bag.

Designed to work together to provide optimal results Zebra's reliable thermal bar code printers and the chemical-resistant, specialty thermal transfer 8000T Label produce sharp, long-lasting, smudge-free bar codes that remain easy to scan. Our thermal bar code labeling solutions help blood banks improve transfusion accuracy and patient safety, while increasing productivity and decreasing waste.

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