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Vendor Name:

Trakcel Limited

Contact Name:

Joseph Vitale

Vendor Address:

11 Raleigh Walk, Brigantine Place, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom CF10 4LN

Trakcel Limited


CT Software, Labeling (CT), Labeling (Blood), Quality Assurance, MIS/Info Tech


North America


TrakCel is a software company that services the autologous cellular therapy industry. TrakCel provides a fully-validated Cellular Orchestration Platform (COP), which is a dynamic IT system to manage, standardize and automate (i.e. printing of ISBT-128 compliant labels) the needle-to-needle supply chain unique to cell therapies. The system provides a regulatory compliant audit trail of all key supply chain processes, including label generation. Trakcel has an innovative workforce that exceeds 60 employees in the US and EU.

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