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Vendor Name:

Technidata S.A.S.

Contact Name:

Veronica Puttock, Marketing Manager

Vendor Address:

387 Avenue Jean Kuntzmann, Montebonnet St. Martin, France 38330

Technidata S.A.S.


MIS/Info Tech


Europe, North America, South America, Asia


TECHNIDATA specializes in developing and distributing Laboratory Information Systems together with software products and services, offering the laboratory and users of laboratory services, a wide range of information management solutions.

Our personnel have over 30 years of experience and provide unrivaled know-how in the fields of laboratory production and data management, LIS and analyzer workstation design and development, instrument interfacing, and integration.

Software Products:
- Laboratory Information Systems (TD-Synergy suite, including the Blood Bank module which supports the ISBT 128 Standard in regards to product identification)
- Middleware solutions (TD-Middleware suite)
- Analyzer workstation
- Point of Care Testing management
- Web based requests and results management

- Consultancy in software design and quality assurance
- Specific development upon customers request
- International customer support services

Our products cover all disciplines and serve organizations ranging from small single-discipline laboratories to large multidisciplinary institutions:
- Blood banking
- Biochemistry
- Hematology
- Microbiology
- Histology/Cytology
- Genetics
- Transplant management

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