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Vendor Name:

Sofis Informatica Ltda

Contact Name:

Reynaldo Mendes, Director

Vendor Address:

Av. Henrique Valadares, 23-SL 1201, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil 20231-030

Sofis Informatica Ltda


CT Software, MIS/Info Tech


South America


Sofis is a company with over 25 years of experience in developing software solutions for the healthcare area. Using ITIL process methodology, Sofis achieved MPS-BR certification and reinforced partnerships including Microsoft and the Brazilian Association of Information Technology Companies.

Through the use of Sofis products, our customers were able to obtain certifications from AABB, ONA, and several other institutions.

Hemote Plus is a complete solution for managing the cycle of blood including: donor recruitment and valuation, blood collection, component separation and processing, laboratorial analysis, storage, and transfusions. It has modules for social service and quality control.

Hemote Bio and Hemote Id are complementary products that provide the maximum degree of safety in the donation and transfusion process, allowing biometric identification and procedures confirmation at the bedside.

CellVida is a solution designed for cryogenics centers and cell therapy institutions at a high level of traceability of the process.

Sofis has specific solutions for organizations administrative management, which were developed focusing on medical related issues allowing to effectively integrate, automate, and control financial and billing processes, and purchasing and supplying processes, among others.

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