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Vendor Name:

Title21 Health Solutions, Inc.

Contact Name:

Haley Roebuck

Vendor Address:

7041 Koll Center Parkway, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Title21 Health Solutions, Inc.


Cell Processing, CT Software, Labeling (CT), Lab Supplies & Equipment, MIS/Info Tech, Other, Quality Assurance, Tissues


North America


Title21 Health Solutions is a user-centric and innovative technology that provides fully-integrated and flexible solutions to health science organizations to increase operational efficiency, close compliance gaps, and improve patient care and outcomes. Since 2001, Title21 has created adaptable software products targeted to the unique needs of firms in the regulated life science industry. The flexible and user-friendly technology that made Title21 the go-to solution in blood banking is now available to fully-automate cellular therapy environments.

The collection, processing and storage of cellular therapy products requires controlled processes, accurate documentation, and traceability to meet regulatory and accreditation requirements as well as ensure a high level of product quality. Reliance on manual, paper-based systems and spreadsheets is more difficult than ever due to mounting accreditation and regulatory requirements as well as the risk for human error. Efficiency also suffers, with personnel wasting time chasing paper, performing manual integration from one system to another, and maintaining the necessary documentation required by regulations. With Title21 Cellular Therapy Solution, laboratories have the technology to document traceability, enforce quality controls, and manage the entire life cycle of their cellular therapy products in one comprehensive system.

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