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Vendor Name:

Laboratories Grifols, S.A.

Contact Name:

Helena Tort, Product Manager

Vendor Address:

C/Can Guasch, 2-Poligono Industrial Levante, Parets del Valles, Barcelona, Spain 108150

Laboratories Grifols, S.A.


Blood Collection, Blood Processing


Regions not available


Grifols is a group of companies, which serves healthcare professionals and patients in over 90 countries around the world. Grifols develops, manufactures, and markets plasma derivatives, IV therapy, enteral nutrition, diagnostic systems, medical materials, and products for blood banks.

Grifols offers a wide range of blood bag related products: standard blood bags, leukoreduction systems (Leucored), transfer bags, transfusion equipment, inactivated plasma for transfusion, software equipment, and hemovigilance tools.

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