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Vendor Name:

Computype, Inc.

Contact Name:

Bruce R. Wray, Market Manger/Transfusion Medicine

Vendor Address:

2285 West County Road C, St. Paul, MN 55113

Computype, Inc.


Labeling (Blood), MIS/Info Tech


North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Worldwide, Australia, Asia


Leading provider of blood product labels and labeling systems, including Donation Identification Number label sets with product options for budget-sensitive facilities. Digital Traceability Services provide cloud-based software platform for for full track-and-trace capabilities, with both off-the-shelf and customized versions, barcode- or RFID-based solutions. Your source for ISBT 128 Blood Labeling: Pre-printed DINs, Interim labeling, Final labeling, Blank label stock, DIN Replicator, Blood Locator, Low-cost scanners. Over the past 30 years, Computype has produced more barcode labels for the international blood bank community than any other company. Our labeling products range from donation identification number (DIN) label sets, to ABO/Rh labels, to blank stock for on-demand blood label printing, to blood label replicator stations, to software that helps manage critical blood labeling and tracking processes. Our new vision-based inspection system guarantees DIN scanability every symbol on every label set is scanned and decoded multiple times prior to shipment.

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