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Vendor Name:

BIQ Health Solutions, Lda

Contact Name:

Patricia Marques, Unit Manager

Vendor Address:

Rua Ferreira de Castro n 20C, Barcarena, Lisbon, Portugal 2730-081

BIQ Health Solutions, Lda





Independently owned and headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) has been one of the blood banking industry's complete software solutions for information and risk management since 1987. BBCS provides comprehensive, rules-based, data management systems that specialize in providing secure, flexible, and quality risk management for blood establishments. BBCS works closely with their dynamic client group and partners to continually improve the product line and provided services. The configurability and scalability of BBCS software allows for its use in a multitude of environments including: community and hospital blood bank facilities, as well as transfusion, testing, and research facilities of all sizes.

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