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Vendor Name:

BC Solutions, LLC

Contact Name:

Jim Egleston

Vendor Address:

1619 E. Wilverwood Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85048

BC Solutions, LLC


MIS/Info Tech, Other


Worldwide, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia


BC Solutions provides experienced, professional consultants to ensure your laboratory is compliant with relevant standards and regulations. Compliance is key to patient safety and operational excellence. We have decades of experience as a company, and individual consultants who specialize in systems and solutions to match our clients' needs. Solutions are only successful when your needs are met. That's why we aren't just automation. People make the difference in this industry and as experienced resources become harder to find, we bridge the gap to help you succeed. Our team has clinical training and IT expertise. Your next project, instrument install, or ongoing compliance program shouldn't keep you from the critical work in the lab.

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