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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

ICCBBA Board of Directors - New Member Recruitment

ICCBBA is a global not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization that enhances safety for patients and augments efficiency for professionals by developing and maintaining the ISBT 128 International Information Standard for coding, labelling and terminology of transfusion, transplantation and/or administration of medical products of human origin (MPHO). The ISBT 128 Standard and its associated data structures are essential elements in ensuring the unambiguous traceability of MPHO from donor to patient and vice-versa. The ICCBBA Board of Directors is made up of volunteer experts in the fields of MPHO from around the world, managed by an Executive Director.

Due to current members completing their terms in 2024, applications are now being accepted for three positions on the Board. The Board is particularly keen to attract candidates working in tissue banking (including ocular) and/or blood transfusion although all MPHO expertise will be considered. Applicants should be individuals of good standing in their field while hands-on knowledge of ISBT 128 will be highly valued. Candidates with experience of governance of a relevant scientific or professional society and with proven experience in strategic thinking are particularly welcome.

After almost 30 years in existence, ICCBBA is keen to further extend engagement with all stakeholders, and is therefore working to ensure that it will meet the future needs of MPHO professionals and systems. This is an opportunity to participate in setting the direction for a small but critical standards development organization.

Board members are volunteers who develop policies and procedures that govern the operations of the organization; ensure effective strategic planning; monitor ICCBBA finances, programs, and performance; and decide on recommendations from all ICCBBA Technical Advisory Groups and committees.

Key Activities and Duties Include:

  • participate in governing the implementation of the ICCBBA mission;

  • contribute to the development of the ICCBBA strategic planning;

  • approve the budget and fee proposals;

  • fulfill the functions of office set forth in the ICCBBA bylaws;

  • ensure compliance with relevant regulations;

  • ensure legal and ethical integrity;

  • have a fiduciary responsibility to the organization; and,

  • actively work to enhance the organization’s professional standing.

Board meetings consist of monthly conference calls and an annual two-day face-to-face meeting. ICCBBA covers the costs of attendance at the annual face-to-face Board meeting and any other expenses related to Board participation. All business is conducted in English.

Board members may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms. The initial term for new Board members will begin in April 2024 and run through to April 2027.

How to be Considered:

Applicants should send a letter presenting their candidacy and explaining how their background and experience would be beneficial to the Board. A CV or resume is also required.

Closing Date: APPLICATION PERIOD NOW CLOSED - We are no longer accepting applications. Please check back in Q1, 2024.

Email Candidacy Letter and CV or Resume to:

Questions should be directed to:

Mr. Eoin McGrath, ICCBBA Executive Director.

Supplemental Information:


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ICCBBA is the international standards organization responsible for the management and development of the ISBT 128 Standard.

The acronym ISBT was originally derived from the important role played by the International Society of Blood Transfusion in the development of the Standard. Today it expands as Information Standard for Blood and Transplantation. The number 128 reflects the 128 characters of the ISO/IEC 646 7-bit character set.

The acronym ICCBBA is derived from the International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation.



Eoin McGrath, Executive Director



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