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Cracking The Code: An Overview of ISBT 128 Product Codes Webinar Unlocking the Power of ISBT 128

A Comprehensive Overview of our Webinar

At ICCBBA, we are committed to providing valuable resources and educational opportunities to professionals like you who are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in healthcare. Our mission is to enhance patient safety, streamline processes, and optimize transfusion-related product identification.

Are you eager to deepen your understanding of the ISBT 128 Standard and become familiar with the ISBT 128 Standard, product codes and terminology? ICCBBA is holding their first upcoming informational webinar, where you will be able to review ISBT 128 terminology, product codes, and their amazing product lookup program. This event is promised to be a pivotal moment in enhancing your knowledge of the ISBT 128 Standard.

Webinar Details

Webinar title: Cracking The Code: An Overview of ISBT 128 Product Code

Date: October 24, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PDT

Meet Our Esteemed Speakers and Informational Topics

Our panel of experts are ready to guide you through this informational session:

Introductory Items

Karen Moniz - Technical Director

ICCBBA and ISBT 128 Background

Before we delve into the intricacies of ISBT 128, let's set the stage by understanding the core foundations of ICCBBA and the ISBT 128 Standard. This knowledge will provide a solid base for comprehending the subsequent topics.

ISBT 128 Standard Terminology

Ryan Ruiz - Information Standards Specialist II

The Information Environment Model

Ryan will lead us through the Information Environment Model, a critical component of the ISBT 128 Standard. This model is composed of elements crucial for Electronic Data Transfer and Labeling. Additionally, we'll explore standardized terminology components, including classes, modifiers, attribute groups, and core conditions, to grasp the essence of ISBT 128 terminology.

ISBT 128 Product Lookup Program

Alex Garlets - Information Standards Specialist I

Mastering the ISBT 128 Product Lookup Program

Alex will guide us through the practical aspects of ISBT 128 by showcasing the ISBT 128 Product Lookup Program. Discover how to use this program effectively, submit requests, and make the most of available aids, including documents and videos embedded on the webpage, along with a downloadable Excel file.

Exploring ISBT 128 Clinical Trials

Alex will then provide a high-level overview of ISBT 128 Clinical Trials PDCs. Learn where to find them, how to access information about clinical trials, and the process for requesting them.


Betty Perez - Executive Assistant

Benefits of the ISBT 128 Standard

The ISBT 128 Standard offers significant benefits to the medical community. Discover best practices for searching ISBT 128 product codes and understand how harmonized terminology positively influences traceability and biovigilance in transfusion and transplantation medicine.

  • Globally Unique Donation Numbering System: Ensures accurate tracking and traceability.

  • Internationally Standardized Product Definitions: Streamlines communication and understanding.

  • Standard Data Structure for Barcoding and Electronic Data Interchange: Promotes efficiency and accuracy.

Registration Details: Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to expand your understanding of the ISBT 128 Standard. To secure your spot in our enlightening webinar, please register using the following link:

We are excited about this opportunity to learn and grow together. Your presence at our webinar is invaluable, and we look forward to seeing you there.


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ICCBBA is the international standards organization responsible for the management and development of the ISBT 128 Standard.

The acronym ISBT was originally derived from the important role played by the International Society of Blood Transfusion in the development of the standard. Today it expands as Information Standard for Blood and Transplant. The number 128 reflects the 128 characters of the ISO/IEC 646 7-bit character set.

The acronym ICCBBA is derived from the International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation.



Moderator and Author, Betty Perez



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