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Vendor Name:

Shamrock Scientific Specialty Systems, Inc.

Contact Name:

Nicole A. Skoczen

Vendor Address:

34 Davis Dr., Bellwood, IL 60104

Shamrock Scientific Specialty Systems, Inc.


Labeling (Blood), Labeling (CT), Lab Supplies & Equipment


North America


Shamrock Systems has been a leader and innovator in healthcare labeling for almost 40 years and continues to anticipate the labeling demands of modern technology. Realizing the complexity of procedures and constant innovations in blood banking, Shamrock Systems maintains an Associate Membership in the AABB as well as Registered Vendor status with ICCBBA.

Shamrock Specialty ISBT 128 labels are available pre-printed, ready for use, as well as blank for your on-demand labeling needs. Conforming to ICCBBA guidelines, Shamrock Systems' high quality pre-printed labels provide easy to scan bar codes and clearly legible eye-readable information. All labels are manufactured on superior material with adhesive specifically chosen to meet stringent requirements for blood banking procedures. This adhesive holds labels securely in place during use and storage.

Shamrock Systems offers the following ISBT 128 labels:

Preprinted Labels
-Base Labels
-Primary Container
-Satellite Container
-Product Labels
-ABO/Rh Blood Group Labels
-Autologous and Directed Donation Collection Labels
-Biohazardous Labels
-Intended Recipient Information Labels
-Expiration Date and Time Labels
-Donation Identification Number Labels
-Piggyback Consecutive Numbers

Blank Thermal Direct or Thermal Transfer Labels (other sizes available)
-4"x4" for primary and satellite containers
-2"x4" to cover half of container label vertically or horizontally
-2"x2" to cover one quadrant of container label
-1"x2.5" for auxiliary information
-5/8"x2" to cover portion of one quadrant of container label (i.e., DIN or expiration)

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