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Savant Limited

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Rachel Wood

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Dalton Hall Business Centre, Dalton Lane, Burton-in-Kendal, Cumbria, United Kingdom LA6 1BL

Savant Limited


Automated Testing, Blood Collection, Blood Processing, Labeling (Blood), Lab Supplies & Equipment, MIS/Info Tech, Other, Tissues




For over 35 years Savant has developed software initiatives for the healthcare sector.

Savant supports and develops PULSE, the core software system that powers the whole donation to recipient life cycle for blood, tissue and ocular services for NHSBT, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Isle of Man.   This system controls the management and enrolment of donors and enables efficient donation session planning.  PULSE also controls the critical laboratory testing, labelling and stock tracking stage, which ends with the safe and correct dispatch of blood and tissues to hospitals and medical research institutions. Those donors who freely give their blood or tissue supply as many as 6000 donations a day.

Savant also supply Li-LAC MB, a human milk bank bar-coding and tracking IT system that manages all aspects of milk donation, testing, production and distribution with ISBT128 labelling at its core.  This ensures that the supplied milk has been produced in a controlled and secure facility, with milk fully traceable back to its donor. Li-LAC MMC is designed to firstly check that maternal milk expressed in the unit is only given to the mother's baby; and secondly to link donated milk (supplied to the baby unit) with the recipient baby.

Using GS1 labelling, SSC (Savant Stock Control) is a cloud based inventory management system which allows laboratories to manage their consumables and test reagents, thus ensuring they are used properly within their allotted time span. The flexibility of the application means it can be easily adapted to meet warehousing and pharmacological establishments.

LabelCyte is our newest software, available for use within any Human Tissue and Organ organisation and follows the new regulatory requirements for Human Tissue product labelling. LabelCyte allows tissue facilities to wand information from non-compliant labels and produce fully compliant labels effortlessly and allows users to create SEC (Single European Compliant) labels and automatic creation of unique ICCBBA and ISBT128 compliant donation numbers. Along with the inbuilt ability to interface with both Zebra and Brady label printers, this application generates barcodes in either Linear, 2D (data matrix) or QR Barcode formats.

Savant is accredited to IS27001 and IS9001:2015 and is also listed on the UK Government's Digital Marketplace under the Digital Outcomes and Specialists category.

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