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Vendor Name:

Mak-System S.A. Int'l Group

Contact Name:

Stephane Sajot, Sales Manager

Vendor Address:

ZI Paris Nod II, 14 Rue de la Perdrix, Bp 50035, Roissy CDG, France 95946

Mak-System S.A. Int'l Group


Blood Collection, Blood Processing, Labeling (CT), Lab Supplies & Equipment, MIS/Info Tech, Labeling (Blood)


North America, South America, Europe


MAK-SYSTEM Corporation is a global leader of Blood bank and Blood Transfusion Servies montioring software with over thirty years (30) of experienceand expertise. MAK-SYSTEM has demonstrated a consistent strategy in developing and continuously evolving the ePROGESA BECS solution with innovative features. Being focused on developments and implementations from end to end Blood and Plasma Management software solution. MAK-SYSTEM from its inception has proven long standing relationship with its worldwide customers reducing our customer exposure to unnecessary risks especially in providing continuation in between our new software generation.

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