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All organizations are required to pay an initial one-time registration fee and an annual licensing fee.*

Vendors are not required to pay a registration fee. Fees are based upon the type of organization/activity. Select from the following to find the fee schedule appropriate for your facility:

ISBT 128 is a copyrighted system that is governed by ICCBBA and licensed to authorized users on the basis of an annual licensing fee. ICCBBA is a not-for-profit organization that is entirely dependent on licensing fee income.

Each year, the annual licensing fee is established by the Board of Directors according to a schedule that indexes several factors. Chief among these is funding the annual cost of operations for supporting, maintaining, and administering the ongoing development of the standard for the benefit of all licensee organizations. Additional factors in calculating the licensing fee include the type of licensee organization, and the international location of the organization in accordance with the U.N.'s Human Development Index for developing countries.

*Information regarding the role of the ICCBBA Board of Directors in establishing ISBT 128 licensing fees can be found on the Board of Directors page here.



As a matter of policy, licensing with ICCBBA is required of all participating organizations and timely processing of licensing fees is obligatory and strictly enforced. 

Licensing fees are invoiced in January each year to the institutional address currently on record with ICCBBA for each organization. Fees are payable within 30 days. If remittance of the annual licensing fee should lapse beyond the invoice due date, access to the password-protected area of the ICCBBA website will be discontinued and the organization will need to re-register in order to be reinstated.

To ensure continuity of service, contact information should be continually updated. ICCBBA makes a form available to facilitate updating contact information as easily as possible.

Any fee changes will be posted to this website.

For more information, please direct all questions on licensing fees and requirements by contacting us.